This Week I Feel...Bubbly

You may be wondering why this week I feel "bubbly" and have decked this post out in pink and gold. Well, for one reason of course! The pink and gold represent pink and regular champagne (bubbly!). And I'm sure you're wondering what has brought on the overflow of bubbly. Well, for a few reasons of course! One, because who doesn't love a glass of champagne every now and then (or everyday?) And because I have this new theory that everyday should be a day of celebration. I mean life's a party...plan accordingly. And there is nothing better to celebrate with than a glass of champagne! And lastly, because I'm moving apartments this week and that itself is reason for a celebratory toast (If you knew my current neighbors you would be this excited to move too!).  Plus, I love the color combo. It's just so romantic and girly! 

Now go and celebrate your Monday! xoxo

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