Travel Essentials

Well if any of you are like me today, you are probably getting ready to sit in a car or on a plane for more hours than you want to. Actually as you read this, I'm making the trek down to South Florida. Driving is probably my least favorite activity ever, but sometimes you just have to do it. And when I do, there a few items that certainly make it a little more enjoyable. So, in honor of the biggest travel day of the year, I've gathered up my favorite travel essentials in the hopes of making your trip just a bit better. As you pack up your bags and load them in the car, don't forget these must haves….

1. Stack of Magazines

2. Cozy Oversized Sweater from Anna Kastle

3. Great Playlist

4. Healthy Snacks

5. Chic Travel Bag from Mara Hoffman

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