Belly Up to the Bar

Admittedly I am terrible at remembering to take pictures at different get togethers, especially when I'm the hostess. I usually get tied up in make sure every little detail is perfect before the guests arrive that the thought of a picture to commemorate the day completely slips my mind. Rob's birthday this year was no different. I was rushing around the house making sure everything was taken care of that I forgot to take pictures of everything except the Whiskey Bar. At least I got the most important part, right? Specialty bars are becoming a huge trend right now and I'm loving the idea of incorporating it into every party. While beer and wine were also available to our guests, Rob's favorite is a nice bourbon on the rocks.

I set up a variety of whiskeys including some bourbons, blended whiskeys and scotches so there was something for everybody's taste. Knowing some of our guests weren't keen on drinking their whiskey straight, I enhanced the bar with ginger ale, coke, diet coke and the signature cocktail of the evening, bourbon and peach.

This idea can also be adapted to your favorite liquor. Try a specialty bar stocked with gin, rum, or vodkas depending upon your tastes. Include a variety of mixers and a signature cocktail to take it over the top!

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