Happy Friday! I'm assuming everybody else is as excited for the weekend as I am. I'll spending tomorrow at some great events for some great causes. First it's off to the Daddy Daughter Dinner benefitting the Rotary Club followed by the Tally Awards benefitting Capital City Youth Services. After such a busy Saturday, I'll be really excited to relax in my kitchen on Sunday prepping for the big game. To be honest, I'm actually more excited about the food, decor, and commercials than I am the actual game. Today I wanted to share a bit of Superbowl inspiration starting with a tailgate party planned for LPF Magazine. Create the perfect table scape by using your team's colors in the tablecloth, tossing on a few pom poms and adding some foam footballs here and there. Burlap bunting with football phrases is also a great touch.

The second bit of inspiration I wanted to share was a post I did for the Superbowl last year. I used fake grass samples from my local hardware store as coasters. Even if your store doesn't give out sample squares, purchase a yard or so and cut into 4 x 4 squares. These are a perfect addition to your Superbowl decor bringing the turf to your table. As for party games, start a pool and allow guests to guess the final score. The person with the closest guess wins!

What do you have planned for the big game this weekend?

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