A Day at Market

This year, Rob got me the most unconventional but awesome birthday gift, a day at the flea market and he was paying! It seems crazy but for a man who hates shopping and a girl who loves to thrift, it was perfect. So, with Rob in tow and excitement in hand, we headed out. After perusing the first two strips, I was getting a bit discouraged. However, when we made the turn to the third and final strip, I was in antique glassware heaven. Each shop was filled with some of the best glasses I've ever seen. Once I hit every booth, I made my purchase decisions. I ended up with a set of these amazing blue American Fostoria glasses that are perfect for afternoon cocktails, a set of unique margarita glasses that may or may not make an appearance in the next issue of LPF Mag, and finally this awesome antique oil lamp that will look amazing on a shelf in my living room. Overall it was a great birthday with some amazing finds from the flea market!

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