Essentially {Bonfire}

No fall gathering is complete without a bonfire. Drinking cocktails and roasting marshmallows around a warm fire is what the season is made of. Whether it's the focus of your get together or the ending to your Thanksgiving meal, there are some bonfire essentials that you can't do without. From blankets to benches and everything in between, here's my list of all you need to throw the perfect bonfire!

1. Apple Cider Cocktail: Perfect for sipping with friends around the fire. It might even help calm your nerves during the ghost stories!

2. Ghost Stories: This spooky tradition will sure excite guests! Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories is filled with tales bound to scare.

3. Roasting Sticks: You can't make the perfect hot dog or roasted marshmallow without it.

4. Warm Blankets: Cold nights require wooly warm blankets like this chic one from Ratzer.

5. Rustic Benches: Everybody needs a seat around the fire so why not gather a bunch of hand built benches and sit in style?

6. S'mores: The ultimate bonfire essential. A piece of dark chocolate, a warm roasted marshmallow, and a crunchy graham cracker are all I need to make it a perfect night by the fire!

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