A Crafted Holiday {Handmade Christmas Cards}

How stuffed are you today? The day after Thanksgiving is one of those that I like to indulge just a big more and really enjoy all the leftovers. It's also a day where I like to begin all of my Christmas preparations. I can't believe it's that time of year again, but it's time to bust out the holiday decorations and transform my house. This year I have decided to pose a little challenge to myself, see how many gifts I can make instead of buy. I'm hoping I'll be able to create some much more personalized gifts that will mean a bit more to the recipient. I've also decided to carry this challenge over into my decorating. Instead of buying my decorations this year, I want to see how many I can make on my own, and I plan on sharing every step of it right here with you.

To begin the crafted holiday, I opted to make our Christmas cards this year instead of using a pre-made format found online. Seeing as Rob is not the one for pictures, this was the perfect option for us, I got to craft and he didn't have to dress for a picture. I can't wait to send them out and see everybody's reaction. Here's how I made them...

:: Supplies ::
Kraft Paper Cards
Single Hole Punch
Baker's Twine
Double Sided Tape
Hot Glue

:: Directions ::
1. Begin by taking your single hole punch and punching a half hole in the top center of the card.
2. Punch seven half holes along the bottom edge of the card centering the top hole in the line.
3. Take a small piece of double sided tape and place it on the back side of the top half hole on the inside of the card.
4. Using your baker's twine, begin at the top of the card and wrap the twine through each of the bottom seven holes securing the end of the twine on the tape on the inside of the card.
5. Place a dab of hot glue on the back of the rhinestone and place at the top of the tree on the front of the card.
6. Write your message on the inside, sign, and send.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. your cards are seriously beautiful!! all of your DIY gifts for LPF were awesome (i picked up some red zinger tea today!). i am so excited to make the most of this next month!