A Crafted Holiday {Hand Stamped Wrapping}

If there is anything I love more than crafting, it's the holidays. And, when you put the two together, I'm in heaven! Because of this, I'm having a ball with the "A Crafted Holiday" series. Today's entry is all about what you put under the tree. After all, half the fun of gift giving is getting to wrap in beautiful ways. I wanted to make my own wrapping paper this year to add a personal touch, but I needed it to be time efficient. If you are as busy as I am during the holiday season, this party is key! Instead of decorating each box, I opted for a hand stamped roll. This way I can roll it out whenever it's needed and get the same affect with less time. Top it off with a bow and personalized tag for the ultimate gift under the tree.

:: Supplies ::
Large Pattern Stamp
Red Acrylic Paint
Kraft Wrapping Paper
Sponge Brush

:: Directions ::
1. Brush the stamp with red paint and apply to paper. Repeat until roll is covered.
2. Let dry and wrap.

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