Play Dress Up

Hi there! Halloween is tomorrow and I'm getting excited to see all the amazing characters that knock on my door. I'm hoping for a few witches, a mermaid, some princesses, and super heroes of course. While I'm sure all the kids have has their costumes picked out for months, I still haven't figured out mine. A little last minute I know but life has been a bit crazy. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best easy last minute costumes. If you're in the same boat as me, I hope this helps! 

1. Jellyfish: It can be as simple as wearing all white and attaching white streamers to the inside of an umbrella. Carry the umbrella over your head and you are one super cute sea creature!

2. Holly Golightly: The beloved Audrey Hepburn character is my favorite go to. A little black dress, black kitten heels, a fancy updo adorned with a tiara and a string of pearls around your neck seals the deal making you the best dressed movie star on the block.

3. Rosie the Riveter: A chambray shirt paired with a pair of jeans and a red bandana will instantly turn you into this cultural symbol of female strength from World War II.

4. Frenchman: Black jeans, a striped shirt and a red scarf are all you need to represent the romantic country of France. Add a baguette and a bottle of wine (my favorite!) to complete the look. Maybe you can even draw on a curly mustache for an added kick!

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