Get Clingy

Believe it or not, there are some days that I really struggle with what to write or post. I want to make sure that each post is something that will catch your eye and inspire you to throw an absolutely amazing celebration every day of the week. I was struggling as to what to post today until I stumbled upon this absolutely incredible product I couldn't wait to share. Browsing through Pinterest, I stumbled upon this pin from HGTV featuring cake plate clings. Intrigued by the caption and awestruck by the super cute picture, I clicked the link. To my amazement, I stumbled upon the greatest creation I've ever seen as a hostess. The patent-pending cake plate clings from WH Hostess come in a variety of designs and colors, can be monogramed, and, most importantly, are reusable. The fact that I can take this non adhesive design and apply it to cake stands and serving dishes alike is amazing. Now, I can buy one cake stand (HA! Maybe 3 or 5...) and completely change the way it looks and transform it for each celebration by adding a super cute cling. Simply amazing! WH Hostess, you rock and just got added to my Christmas list!

Images from WH Hostess

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