Center of Attention {Broom Stick Escort Cards}

After last year's fiasco of the rotten pumpkin on the front porch, Rob has put me on a strict no pumpkin carving rule until 14 days or less before Halloween. Naturally, I'm not a fan of being put on decorating restrictions. While I understand that all types of bugs coming out of the pumpkin right by our front door is not exactly a good (or sanitary) thing, I still don't like it. So, it has me dreaming of all the ways I'm going to decorate come mid October. With painting pumpkins and barrels of hay already on the short list, I've got room for some more epic ideas to add to my Halloween and fall decor. One of my favorite ideas so far are these broomstick place cards. What a clever way to display names and incorporate a bit of witchery. I love that they can be used for Halloween parties or be carried over to general fall gatherings. I can't wait to make them and bust them out shortly!

Have a great Tuesday!

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