Party DIY {Polka Dot Menu Cards}

This weekend I discovered the most amazing blog ever, House of Earnest. If you haven't checked it out before, I suggest you do. Immediately. The site is full of amazing DIY's and great tips for crafting your way to an amazing party. After spending hours on Erin's website, I felt rejuvenated and the urge to begin creating for you all again. So, my promise to you is to give you more fun, cute things to craft the perfect soiree.

To start off, I took a dive into my craft box to see what I could concoct. After a little digging (my box is a little disorganized), I found a craft paper card, some neon string, paint and white card stock. With a little bit of thought, I cam up with the cutest handmade menu card! Take a look below at how I made it happen...
1. Ruler
2. 4x6 Craft Paper Card
3. 8.5x11 White Card Stock
4. Neon String
5. Single Hole Punch
6. Scissors
7. Light Blue Paint
8. Fine Point Sharpie
9. Pencil
10. Paint Brush

Step 1: Begin by tracing the card on the white card stock two times with the pencil. Cut them out.
Step 2: On one of the pieces of card stock, trace lines 1/4 inch apart forming a grid. (See above.)
Step 3: Place a "X" in the bottom row, first box. Continue to place a "X", skipping one box between each. Skip the row about it, and place a "X" in alternating boxes than the row below. (See image below.)

Step 4: Take the single hole punch and punch out the "X"'s.
Step 5: Place the card stock full of whole over the front of the card and paint each hole blue.
Step 6: Insert the other piece of card stock into the card and punch two holes at the crease.

Step 7: Loop the string through the holes 4 times and tie at the front. 
Step 8: With your Sharpie, pen the word "enjoy", or "menu" if you like. You can really choose what you what here. I also like the idea of "bon appetite" 


  1. seriously love this DIY! so pretty + creative! i shared on pinterest for LPF mag!

    also, love the blog you posted-- how did i not know about that one? so inspiring!

    1. Is she not the best?! I'm completely obsessed with all of her crafts!