Center of Attention {Flag Table Numbers}

Ever since Pinterest came along, it's been my favorite place to search for inspiration from nightly meals to color inspiration to centerpieces. Well, when I stumbled upon this image of flag table numbers, I knew immediately that I had to recreate them. They are vibrant, fun, and customizable to your theme. Whether you want to mix match patterns in bright colors or opt for a subtle neutral like gray, you can't go wrong with these flags. Never one to turn down a craft project, I was ready to jump into this one feet first. So with supplies in hand, I got to work. Here's how to make them for your next get together...

:: Supplies ::
Paper of Your Choice (I chose turquoise and peach)
Flag Stencil (Made by creating 2 triangle of desired equal size and placing ends together)
Paint Color of Your Choice (I used white.)
Wood Skewers
Double Sided Tape
Thin Paint Brush
Number Stencils (optional)

:: Directions ::
1. On the reverse side of your colored paper, trace your flag stencil.
2. Cut out each flag and fold in half matching the ends. Trim any over hang.
3. If using a stencil, trace the number onto each side of the flag.
4. Paint each number. It will take a couple coats if you use a lighter color.
5. Once you have painted each side and they are both dry, open the flag, place a strip of double sided and the wood skewer at the seam. Fold it back in half and add additional tape where needed to keep the flag closed.

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