Party DIY {Mercury Glass Votives}

There is nothing I love more than a weekend DIY, especially when I'm creating for someone else. A friend of mine is getting married in just a short while and I have taken on the task of helping her fulfill her vision. One touch she just can't get enough of is mercury glass. Instead of paying the price to buy all the votives we would need, I decided to get a little crafty and make them myself. Turns out, achieving this look is pretty simple! Here's how to make your own mercury glass pieces!
:: Supplies :: 
Spray bottle with 50/50 mix of water and vinegar
Paper Towels
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
Clear Spray Paint
:: Directions ::
1. Spray the inside of each votive with five light coats of the Looking Glass paint. Spraying the light coats will keep the paint from running down the inside of the glass and creating streaks. Be sure to wait 15-20 seconds before spraying each coat.
2. After you have sprayed each votive with 5 coats of the spray, spritz the inside of each votive with the vinegar and water mixture. 
3. Take a paper towel dampened with the vinegar water mixture and begin to dab the inside of each glass. Be sure to dab and not wipe as the vinegar will take all the paint off if you wipe to much. At this point you can take a little creative license. You want to be sure to leave some of the silver paint but want to create areas where the light of the candle can shine through. 
4. After getting each votive looking just like you envisioned, do one last light spray of Looking glass so the translucent parts are completely clear. 
5. Coat the inside of each votive with the clear protective spray and let sit to dry for at least an hour. After which you are free to use for decoration as you choose!

Note: Do not use real candles as the spray paint is very flammable. Flameless votives are required. 

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