Makin' Waves

Hi sweets! As promised, I'm back today with a fun DIY. It's not exactly event related but it's a great way to escape from the everyday and just be creative for a while. If there are any two things I love more than events, it's making a house a home and the beach. 

On a weekend getaway back home, my Dad, R and I went micro brewery hoping around the Jacksonville Beaches. One of our last stops was this rustic, beachy spot called The Green Room. I feel in love with every bit of decor they had. From the pallet boards lining the wall, to the pour concrete bar top and floor, the wine barrels for cocktail tables, I was smitten the moment we walked through the door. One of the pieces they had hanging on the wall especially caught my eye. This collage of waves painted on pallet boards was so eye catching and one of a kind. What I loved most about it was that you could tell it was handmade and not printed or mass produced. After a bit of begging trying to get the bartender to sell it to me, I finally settled for a picture and knowing that I had an afternoon craft ahead of me. 

So, with some spare pallet boards, a measuring tape and a wood saw in hand, it was time to get to work. After determining my measurements and gathering the rest of my supplies, I was ready to paint. Not usually, the artist, what made this project so great for me, is that imperfection was actually the key. It's what makes it so unique and what makes me so proud to hang it on my wall. Here's the measurements and supply list...

:: Supplies ::
Paint in the colors of your choosing (I choose 3 shades of blue and a yellow)
Variety of brush sizes
Pallet Boards in the following measurements...
       (1) 24" piece
       (3) 18" pieces
       (4) 8" pieces


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