Lusting After {Peonies}

Peonies steal my heart every time. This bright pink bloom is luscious and full of beauty, exactly what every flower should be. Ever since I saw the bud filling a castle garden in Ireland, I've dreamed of it filling my own house. This summer time flower is the perfect soft but bold accent to any soiree. Keep it monochromatic and full for a modern vibe or go with a single stem in a mercury glass bud vase for a vintage feel. With its multitude of shades, I love the idea of combining them in an ombre bouquet. Imagine varying shades of light and dark pink combined to form one masterful centerpiece. Whether it stands on its own or is mixed with complementing accent flowers, the bold and beautiful bloom is considered a must in my book! Now, if I could only find it in my area...


  1. i just LOVE peonies!! i will definitely have them at my wedding some day. I have a plant in my front yard so i love picking them fresh and putting htem in mason jars :)

  2. I lust after them too! Thanks for sharing these pictures!