Color Me {Robin's Egg}

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, here goes nothing. I, Sarah, am addicted to the color blue. Swear. I'm a little too obsessed. I'm constantly having to remind my self that there are other colors to use that are just as lovely. Sometimes it can be a little hard, but I am slowly making steps to ease my obsession. Step 1: branch out from my traditional navy and aqua color scheme that seems to have taken over my home and life. And what better way to branch out than with this gorgeous shade of Robin's Egg. Still a shade of blue, I know, but we are taking baby steps here people. While it's still a little close to aqua, it's subtle grey tint makes it a brilliant shade for spring. Plus, it's neutral enough to not be over the top girly yet still be glamourous. It's perfect to use it in your home, in your wardrobe, or as the color scheme for your next soiree. Try it on your bridesmaids, in your centerpieces, the color inspo for your cake, or even go literal and use candied robin's eggs (like Cadbury Eggs) as escort cards! 

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