Swanky Soiree {Bad Girl}

Well as if you hadn't already guessed it, the second half to the title of yesterday's post is Bad Girl. So, I'm taking today's Bad Girl theme totally rocker. Deep red and black with splashes of lace and studs. What could be better right? While pretty white lace flocked yesterday's post, I feel nothing is more rocker than black lace. Check out the top to that dress. Gorgeous! Imagine worn with those studded Christian Louboutins. I would die! What I think makes a wedding totally rock n' roll is taking traditional details and giving them a tough twist. Take that crochet chandelier for example. By making it out of black yarn, it takes on a completely different feel. I'm kind of obsessing over this rock n' roll theme! It really makes me want to rock on! Cheesy pun I know....

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