Social Graces {No Thank You}

Growing up, I used to turn my nose up at just about anything my mother put on my plate. And let's not even talk about the holidays when there were more "weird" foods than normal. Well, back then my mom used to make me take a "no thank you serving". Basically, it was a small serving so if I didn't like something, I could at least say I tried it. I mean between her and my father's rule of you have to try a new food at least once a week, I have become the most flexible eater. I will eat anything now! Well...almost. Anyways, as I've grown, I've realized it's a nice thing to do, especially if you are a guest at someone's home. Plus, you never know, you could end up really liking what they are serving! 

Anyways, try this delicious recipe I found from Lauren's Latest! It's the perfect "no thank you serving" size!

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