Social Graces {The Hostess Gift}

Well frankly, it's rude to show up to any party empty handed.  Especially one where the hosts have so graciously cooked for you and supplied your alcohol for the evening.  When attending any party (yes that includes a late night beer bash extreme if you are in college) the proper thing to do is to bring a small thank you for the host or hostess. It is completely acceptable to bring a bottle (or two if you are a big drinker) of wine with you. If bringing your alcohol isn't really something you like to do, try a small token of appreciation for the hostess's kitchen or house.  A nice candle, dish towel, cookbook, or even a quirky drink carrier are all acceptable options.  Other possibilities include a nice platter or even some serving spoons.  

Note: If you are the hostess and a guest brings a bottle of wine to your house that evening, the proper thing to do is to serve that wine at some point in the evening. 

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